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Post ride warm down yoga part 2

Sunday 29 July

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Bridge Pose (supported)

This pose opens the chest, heart and shoulders. It stretches the spine, thighs, hip flexors and the back of the neck - which is great for us mountain bikers - after all that forward bending and tightening of hip flexors as well as the slight tension in the back of the neck that can occur after a long ride of looking out for the next obstacle - this is the perfect pose to regain the balance in the body. Practiced with a block it is a restorative pose and releives fatigue and anxiety and calms the mind.

Lie down (yay!), knees bent and hip distance apart, push into the feet and lift the hips and slide the block underneath your sacrum - the place on your lower back just above your bottom. Arms rest down by the side of the hips, keep your head and neck in line. Breath smoothly and enjoy.

For a bit more of a stretch you can try walking one foot back towards the shoulders and then carefully flipping the foot so that the tops of the toes are on the floor - then slide the foot towards the shoulder as much as possible without strain. Be careful of your knee. This gives the quad muscles a really intense stretch..repeat on the other side.

When you are ready, lift the hips, remove the block and lower back down to the floor.